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Community Emergency Resources For Licking County, Ohio

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American Red Cross
  Address: 196 S. 5th St.
  Phone: 349-9442
  Who Qualifies?: those suffering from a natural disaster
  Services: motel vouchers, first months rent
  Restrictions: *must provide verification of disaster

Catholic Social Services
  Address: 117 W. Church St.
  Phone: 345-2565
  Who Qualifies?: Seniors 60 or older still in their own home
  Services: transportation for seniors for medical purposes; may be able to provide social worker to act as liaison for senior in need of advocate.
  Restrictions: Seniors only, 60 and older.

Crisis and Information Center/Pathways of Licking County
  Address: N/A
  Phone: 345-4375 (HELP) or 1-800-544-1601
  Who Qualifies?: everyone
  Services: information and referral to emergency housing and other housing needs
  Restrictions: none

First United Methodist Church
  Address: 88 N. 5th St.
  Phone: 349-7020
  Who Qualifies?: individuals and families who have been screened by another agency
  Services: motel and utility assistance
  Restrictions: Must be screened by a referring agency

Licking County Habitat for Humanity
  Address: PO Box 2088, Heath, OH 43056
  Phone: 349-7320 (leave a message on the voice mail)
  Who Qualifies?: income eligible families that do not qualify for other loans, do not currently own property, and have not declared bankruptcy in the last two years, currently living in substandard housing
  Services: build and sell simple, decent homes to eligible households
  Restrictions: *must have a verifiable source of steady income

*lived in the county for at least one year

*$500 down payment required

Individual Development Account (IDA) - LCCH
  Address: 23 S. Park Place
  Phone: 345-1970
  Who Qualifies?: Income eligible households
  Services: matched savings program for secondary education/homebuying
  Restrictions: must meet income requirements

  Address: 160 Wilson Street
  Phone: 349-0200
  Who Qualifies?: income eligible
  Services: emergency housing funds, emergency home repair, rent & utility assistance, some assistance specifically for senior citizens
  Restrictions: *must be Licking County, not City of Newark, resident for FEMA funds

*utility assistance once per HEAP year

Housing Opportunities for Persons living with HIV / AIDS : Licking County AIDS Task force / LCCH
  Address: LCATF 195 Union St. Suite B.1

LCCH 23 S. Park Place.
  Phone: 349-7066 *208 (LCATF)

345-1970 (LCCH)
  Who Qualifies?: those w/ HIV verification and with annual income under $17,424
  Services: rental, deposit & utility assistance
  Restrictions: *provide Ohio residency and HIV verification

Licking County Board of MR/DD
  Address: 65 W. Church St.
  Phone: 349-6588
  Who Qualifies?: those diagnosed with mental retardation or other developmental disability
  Services: motel vouchers, rental, deposit & utility assistance
  Restrictions: must provide verification of MRDD diagnosis and documentation of need

Licking County Department of Job and Family Services - Prevention, Retention, Contingency (PRC)
  Address: 74 S. 2nd St.
  Phone: 349-6225
  Who Qualifies?: families w/ at least one minor child, have emergency need and have exhausted other resources
  Services: Rent & deposit, interest on principal mortgage, emergency shelter, utilities, telephone installation, appliances

  Restrictions: *income may not exceed 200% poverty level if employed, 135% if unemployed

*PRC housing assistance limited to $500/12 months if unemployed or employed, may be eligible for additional $500 if become employed and were previously unemployed

Licking County Planning Commission
  Address: 20 S. 2nd St.
  Phone: 349-6938
  Who Qualifies?: home owning county residence who meet income guidelines
  Services: low interest gov. loans for immediately needed items (health and safety items)
  Restrictions: *must be a home owner

*$5000 limit for tap-ins

*$7000 limit for well and /or septic repair

Licking County Veterans Service
  Address: 75 East Main St.
  Phone: 740-670-5430
  Who Qualifies?: military honorable discharged
  Services: motel $; rental, deposit & utility assistance (no phone)
  Restrictions: *all monthly bills must be paid by applicant

* Form DD214 (honorable discharge)

Licking Metropolitan Housing Authority
  Address: 85 W. Church St.
  Phone: 349-8069
  Who Qualifies?: elderly and disabled; income eligible with preferences given to veterans
  Services: elderly and disabled; income eligible with preferences given to veterans
  Restrictions: *must meet very low income guidelines

* no convictions for drug offenses or violent criminal activity

*no open enrollment, call for enrollment dates

Moundbuilders Guidance Center
  Address: 65 Messimer Dr.
  Phone: 522-8477 - ask for your caseworker/counselor
  Who Qualifies?: MBGC clients
  Services: Motel $, rental, deposit, utility assistance ( no phone)
  Restrictions: *open case w/ MBGC

*no outstanding balance for housing assistance w/ MBGC

City of Newark, Community Development Program
  Address: 40 W. Main St.
  Phone: 349-6695
  Who Qualifies?: income eligible home owners within the city limits
  Services: emergency home repairs
  Restrictions: *must be owner occupied

*waiting list

City of Newark, Lead Hazard Control Program
  Address: 40 W. Main St.
  Phone: 349-6836
  Who Qualifies?: income eligible renters and home owners within targeted census tracks
  Services: reduce lead-based paint hazards
  Restrictions: *must be owner or renter occupied

*must fill out application

New Beginnings Shelter for Domestic Violence
  Address: 60 N. First St.
  Phone: 349-8719 - 1-800-686-2760
  Who Qualifies?: Women and men, with or without children, who are victims of domestic violence
  Services: emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence
  Restrictions: *must be victim of domestic violence that occurred within last 7 days

Old Country Church
  Address: N/A
  Phone: 349-7283
  Who Qualifies?: individuals or families
  Services: motel $
  Restrictions: *must provide income and address verification

Project Homeline / LCCH
  Address: 23 S. Park Place, Suite 200
  Phone: 345-1970 or 1877-421-5224
  Who Qualifies?: individuals or families
  Services: rent, deposit, mortgage information and referrals
  Restrictions: must meet income guidelines, rent or mortgage payment must not exceed 30% of income

Salvation Army Emergency Shelter
  Address: 250 E. Main St.
  Phone: 345-8120/345-3289
  Who Qualifies?: individuals or families
  Services: emergency shelter; 1 month past due rent, 1st month rent, utilities
  Restrictions: *must provide proof of need

*may receive assistance once every 12 months

St. Vincent De Paul Society
  Address: St. Francis Catholic Church
  Phone: 345-9874
  Who Qualifies?: individuals / families
  Services: motel $, rental & deposit assistance
  Restrictions: conduct their own screening through volunteers

Transitional Housing / LCCH
  Address: 23 S. Park Pl.
  Phone: 345-1970
  Who Qualifies?: homeless families and individuals
  Services: transitional housing and supportive services
  Restrictions: must meet HUD definition of homeless = shelter, motel, streets, car, court eviction

To make a donation....

It's easy to make a donation to the Coalition. Checks should be mailed to:

    Licking County Coalition for Housing
    P.O. Box 613
    23 South Park Place, Suite 200
    Newark, OH 43058-0613

Credit Card donations click below for the form:

  • Donate Now Online Or ask about our endowment fund. We will be happy to share more information about the good work we're doing.

    If you are able to donate materials, the Coalition staff and volunteers will be happy to make arrangements to pick up items at your convenience. Receipts are issued for all donations.

    There are many other ways in which you can help:
  • Click Here To See How You Can Help!

    Please call: 740-345-1970 or Toll Free: 1-877-421-5224

    The Licking County Coalition for Housing is a member agency of the United Way.

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    Just over it
    Hi, I recently became homeless due to the fact I didn’t send a paper to metro in time. I have a two year daughter as well. She stays at my grandmals which is 78 years old and it’s getting hard. I live in my car and have been unabale to obtain employment because I need an I’d. Can someone out there help me I’m lost and at the end of my rops
    Talk to Just over it
    woman in a shoe   in reply to jomccloudcoll07
    Hi the person u posted to not been on here for some years now. All we can do is give u information where mite get help. Type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state u will fine a lot of information there for help if they got the funds hope this works for u
    Talk to woman in a shoe
    woman in a shoe   in reply to jomccloudcoll07
    All we can do is give u information where u mite get help. And there places that first mo rent and deposits for u if they got the funds. I want u to type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state u will fine a lot of information there and I was look at help for Christmas where u are at there a lot of places that help with Christmas there one of them are Santa toys
    Talk to woman in a shoe
    REALLY need help.... We need help paying our rent. After working for 8 years at the same job, my husband lost it, we filed for unemployment ,which lead to a waiting period and falling behind, he got a job quickly making a LOT less than he did. We have called EVERY church, went to local housing places, salvation army and even job and family services and can get NO help! We have NEVER had to ask for help and when we do, we can't get any.. Does anyone Know of anyone or any where that can help? We have a 3 and 4 year old and a 15 year old.... If we can get help, we will pay forward some how ...we PROMISE
    Talk to jomccloudcoll07
    I need help with deposit and rent am behind a month and don't know where to turn please help am in Newark oh
    Talk to mae1990
    pre heat oven
    My sons electric is shut off its 2800$ can anyone help
    Talk to pre heat oven
    Andru McGath   in reply to woman in a shoe
    Newark ohio
    Talk to Andru McGath
    woman in a shoe   in reply to Andru McGath
    The person u posted to not been on here sent 2011 sorry
    Talk to woman in a shoe
    woman in a shoe   in reply to Andru McGath
    Hi can u please send me your city state and county and I will look and see what I can fine for u
    Talk to woman in a shoe
    Andru McGath
    I need help for my wife and 2 year old son, My wife and I are getting a divorce. I have not been there for two months. She just informed me she lost her job and is behind on rent and is facing an eviction. We have COMPLETELY exhausted all options for assistance. She is behind $1,300 in rent. I'm frantically trying to figure something out. I'm still in love with her and care about her and I'm running waayy out of options. We have no family members at all willing to help. I NEED HELP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!! :'( i don't even know why I'm posting this... somebody out there... read this.... and help..
    Talk to Andru McGath
    woman in a shoe   in reply to Wolf10306213
    Hi have u try low income housing. If not type low income housing county state u can sign up in more than one county. But like I said call 211 they will give u resources to call for deposit and there some that will pay first mo rent and del for u
    Talk to woman in a shoe
    woman in a shoe   in reply to Wolf10306213
    Call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with they will give u a list of places to call good look help with rent light gas and more
    Talk to woman in a shoe
    Where will help with deposit to move in a place if im homeless and wife is pregnant and on disability?
    Talk to Wolf10306213
    mrs.conley   in reply to mrs.conley
    please only e-mail me thank you .
    Talk to mrs.conley
    how to get help staying in a motel an help with my first month rent an eletric an gass bill ? me an my kids an husban need a place to stay till the end of this month the appt we want the lady said we could have it by the end of this month an in need of help the deposit is coverd just need help with gass an eletric an first month rent . an some where to say mean while . if any one knows of any help please e mail me
    Talk to mrs.conley

    how do i get help with my first mounths rent i just moved to stow ohio and i am not sure as to how to finde help here.

    Talk to jessiew